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Lessons and Workshops

Rhythm and Ensemble (Adults)

In this class, we will explore the fundamental rhythms and movements of taiko drumming and learn to perform taiko ensemble pieces.


Katsugi Oke Taiko for Women

In this class, we will explore the fundamentals of katsugi oke taiko and incorporate movements in Japanese folk dances often danced by women.

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Parent and Child Miyake Taiko

In this class, we will explore the rhythms and movements of Miyake Taiko from Miyake Island. 


Taiko for Children (Age 2-6, 6-10, 10 and above)

In taiko for children classes, we will explore the art of taiko drumming interactively through rhythm games, songs, and movement games.


Awa Odori (Dance)

Awa Odori is a dance from Tokushima prefecture.  We will learn the fundamental moves and a choreography.

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