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2006 Co-Founded Cornell Taiko (Yamatai), Cornell University's first taiko drumming team, and became the lead drummer and Musical Director.

2009 Graduated from Cornell University and joined professional taiko drumming team, Bonten, in Japan.

2010 Left Bonten to pursue a solo career.

2011 Performed and gave workshops at concerts for Tohoku Earthquake in Geneva and Rochester, NY, USA.

2012 Performed in Tahiti. Presented at TedxTokyo

2013 Received Excellency Award at the Ichikawa New Artists Competition.

2014 Trained in child education for dance and Montessori.  Incorporates teaching methods in taiko drumming lessons for children.

2015 Taught workshops and performed at the East Coast Taiko Conference in Ithaca, NY.

2016 Performed and taught workshops in Melbourne, Australia.

2017 Recorded first album, bringing taiko and Japanese instruments to a brand new context of pop music.

2019 Performed in Signature Theatre, New York City

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